Godfroy Co. is a B2B channel of Kathleen Godfroy in the cosmetics business. It’s our commercial transaction with SME’s online sellers and Private Labels in cosmetics and selected skincare products. We work directly with cosmetics lab and manufacturers in Indonesia, Hong Kong and China to co-produce high-quality products for U.S., European and Middle-East markets.

The company is open for investments for our B2B channel. The company is incorporated in Singapore with marketing operation in Indonesia. We accept investments from local and international partners who are professionals, with over 5- years of business or corporate experience, and with good financial background.

How your investment with us is the right choice?

We drive value:

Every business model is about adding value to the company but only few actually do it well. What makes us different from others is we drive value to our company, we plan to create it and we collaborate with people to make it grow. Every B2B customer has different needs and it is our duty to bring value to their business.

We use the right platform:

We use the most relevant and competitive B2B marketplaces on the Internet to showcase our products and services. It is our platform to generate revenue.

We minimize buyers’ risk:

There are many B2B suppliers but not all of them understand how to minimize the buyer’s risks. In our company, we focus to provide business solutions to each client. We offer competitive minimum of quantity so they can sell the products at lower investment risks. If they sell the products, our business will grow.

Training of sales team:

We train our sales and marketing team how to reach out to customers, how to address every issue and how to up sale. Without them it will be challenging for the company to generate revenue.

We use a professional platform:

Our website will continue to innovate with the support of our CTO. He will improve the design and develop the functionality of the website. The cost will be minimal and affordable as we do not use the support of external term firm to support us. Our tech maintenance is affordable.

Tech Support:

We create an account for customers where they can log-in to track their orders. For issues like loss of passwords, username, payment and etc we would be able to build most of these into the system so that a support individually wouldn’t need to be involved. For issues between customer/service provided we can provide LiveChat and/or with artificial intelligence that can be available 24/7. We also provide extra support for issues like disputes or technical failures.

The overall technical aspect such as hosting and integration with payment gateways can be managed by our CTO.

If you’re interested to invest to Godfroy Co, please send us your letter of intent at investment@kathleengodfroy.com. Upon receipt of the application, we will evaluate how we can work together. Our minimum investment starts from USD 60,000-500,000. We offer competitive equity and valuable dividends.

Once we accept your letter of intent, our team will send you the following;

  • Acknowledgement Email.

  • Business Plan.

  • Financial Analysis.

  • Partnership Proposal.

Other details of investment costs, the return of investments and other business matters will be discussed with you once your application has been approved. If you wish one of our founders to discuss the business with you in person, we required that you cover for the airfare tickets and hotel accommodations from Singapore to your city. To schedule a meeting, please contact us.

Disclaimer: Partnership proposal do not guarantee and confirmed our partnership. It is only through shareholders agreement that are both signed by our existing partners and you that will confirm our business partnership. All investment matters will have to be shared with our existing partners.


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